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Catalyst for Innovation

Our Onsite Coordinators are a part of your event team!

Our Onsite Coordinators are a part of your event team!

At AV dot com, technology represents our diverse instrument section. Like an orchestra, with its violins, cellos, and horns, AV dot com’s instrumentation comes in the form of projectors, servers, and IPads. They only come alive when in the hands of a dedicated technician who knows each unit’s strengths, capabilities, and connectivity. Our Event Design and Creative Services conduct the innovation behind the meeting or event, setting the phrasing, dynamics, and tempo of each meeting or event. Today’s top trend-setting technology products and 24/7 Onsite Coordination services set AV dot com apart from competing firms. The difference is our people.

We orchestrate solutions!

AV dot com’s creative services, digital solutions, and network configurations offer our event and meeting partners an unparalleled set of options for event planning.

AV dot com has Inventory In Stock, Ready to Ship

AV dot com has Inventory In Stock, Ready to Ship

AV dot com’s technology options include:

  • Concert Quality Sound and Digital Audio
  • Component video
  • Computer interfaces
  • Digital signage
  • LCD imaging devices
  • Lighting and Rigging
  • Magnification
  • and, the full gamet of traditional, basic equipment.


AV dot com’s Digital Services are an amazing way super-charge a traditional meeting. Think of the opening bars of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony…..it’s that fermata, the brief pause after the first four notes, which draws the excitement. Let AV dot com build that into the next event for your company. Participant excitement will chart a new chord.

AV dot com Delivers MOBILE SOLUTIONS Empower your participants.

Invigorate your speakers. AV dot com provides exceptional mobile experiences for event organizers and participants. For a uniquely intimate experience among dozens or hundreds of participants, utilize the power IPhones, Android Devices, and Tablets attendees have on hand; or, order delivery of the software and hardware from AV dot com.

AV dot com Delivers DIGITAL DISPLAYS

The message is key. Make it personal. Make it touchable.   Touch Screen Technology enhances participant excitement. Engage participants with event content in a personal and meaningful way through touch screens and interactive video. AV dot com delivers the excitement.

AV dot com Delivers Customized Solutions For AV dot com partners, if you can dream it, AV dot com can deliver a solution. For example, audience response systems can gather hundreds of survey results: instantly. Put that power in the speaker’s hands to poll participants and solicit immediate feedback without spending valuable meeting time in break-out discussion sessions. Ask about presentations via iPad apps. Our clients are our inspiration.

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And, we are the catalyst for innovation. AV dot com Delivers Dreams!  

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