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AV dot com: Vision and Mission

Our Services: Av dot com pairs meeting and event planners with state-of-the-art  Chicago Banner 200 1200technology, creating a path to synergy.

Founded with a commitment to innovate, create, and transform, AV dot com is the comprehensive supplier for all event production needs.

We analyze each client’s marketing terrain and construct powerful campaigns to position our client partner as a resource to their event participants.

A Customer-Focused Approach: Our goal is to give each client partner the assurance that our technology products will perform to the highest standards.

Vision Statement To be the preferred provider of event production services for meeting professionals, worldwide, who value a partner that understands outstanding service, innovation, and strategic alliances.

Mission Statement AV dot com will provide an unsurpassed level of service to our client partners, as we create professional productions that fine tune and support the launch of their exhibits, events and meetings, which reflect their talents and products.4 red dots draft

AV dot com nurtures relationships. Our Professional Coordinators become a vital part of each event management team. AV dot com, as a brand, will leave a memorable and resonant impression with meeting and event planners.

AV dot com Offers a Wide Variety of Coordinated AV Products

Technology is force behind the communication of a message. New products call for new ideas! Clients of hotels, resorts, and conference centers utilize technological equipment to communicate their message in a sophisticated manner.

The message within this communication process is the rationale for the meeting or event. AV dot com professionals view our role in the meeting and event industry as integral to the success of these programs.

Much of our company’s growth and success can be attributed to our mission of seeking out only the highest calibre people, technology, and alliances. AV dot com’s core service objective is to create lasting memorable experiences for our clients’ participants.

AV dot com facilitates inspiration, innovation, and the transformation of ideas into action. We accomplish this goal by virtue of thorough and rigorous training of our team members, so that each ONSITE COORDINATOR is able to explain the technology, without jargon, in addition to fulfilling any program requirements and the capability to address any technological issue that may arise during an event.

Our success is also predicated upon an up-to-date inventory of relevant AV products, maintained on-site at each event, with 24/7 on-site event support. We have back-up equipment at each event. And, a back-up for the back-up!

AV dot com ensures a successful event.4 red dots draftPromoting our partners’ success is integral to AV dot com’s process. Our committment is to deliver excpetional results for every meeting or event, every time!

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