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AV dot com offers our client partners professionally produced video footage of key moments of events, upon request. We can capture featured speakers, musicians, and other relevant footage, to share with your participants on recordable media or optimized for web-viewing.

AV dot com’s Onsite Coordinators can plan, produce, record, and edit video for a permanent record of the event. Distribution can be arranged for an entire audience or to additional off-site participants.

AV dot com will ensure set up of multiple camera angles, video switchers, audio mixing, microphones, and provide clients with seemless integrated footage. After the event’s wrap, the footage can be edited by our Post-Production team, and delivered digitally. We can even post it online, for future viewing.

Digital output formats AV dot com utilizes include: Windows Media, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, QuickTime, AVC/H264, AVI, and more.

Video footage is often a valuable promotional tool for future events, cross-marketing, and for the social media channel distribution of an event’s message. Have AV dot com harness the power of the presentation and package the product during the event.

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