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AV dot com: Tips and Tools

Achieving a Unique and Distinctive Style for an Upcoming Event IDEAS:Blue stage lights 410 138

  • LIGHTING: Lighting enhancements could include corporate brand or logo inserts, color changes, or filters to shape and direct the light.


  • SCREEN SURROUNDS: Add screen surrounds to augment the standard dress kits of our projection screens. This minor structural change offers an impressive impact to your primary focal point.


  • COLUMN STRUCTURES: Add column structures to boost impact on your stage and screen areas. By adding LED fixtures at the column’s base, a color can match your corporate branding effort. Multiple sizes are available.

On the Road Again…Tips to Manage the Set Up Process with Easeclock

  1. COMMUNICATION is key. Inform all locations and venues of relevant facts. AV dot com’s Onsite Coordinators can ensure each technician receives the same information.
  1. TIME: Shipment of equipment takes time. Especially for custom set-ups or unique venue obstacles. Plan for load-in and build time to avoid costly shipping logistical maneuvers. Specialty equipment may require unusual transport support. Consult 511 for road closures, weather issues, construction, or other forseeable obstacles. Verify holiday dates and potential language barriers.
  1. RESERVATIONS: Ensure loading docks and elevators are reserved for your use in advance. When the venue policy is “first come, first served,” allow additional time for load in, set up and tear down. Check for restrictions or unexpected loading dock costs, or hours limitations. Verify that elevators are of adequate size for the task at hand and that they are fully operational.
  1. ACCESS: Check for access routes via meeting rooms and service areas. Efficient and direct route paths for equipment set up may make load-ins less costly.
  1. UNIONS: Find out of the venue is unionized. Many are; it is the hotel industry norm.This may affect your labor costs, as union wages are higher.