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AV dot com: Our Company History


AV dot com, a full-service technology provider since 1996, produces all aspects of event management, domestically in the USA and globally. Our range of services is extensive, from realtime HD streaming to interactive video walls to simultaneous language translation. We harness the power of mobile technology to enhance the participant experience.San Francisco Towers 500 800Our full-time professionals receive extensive technology training on a continuous basis, which ensures that our events are produced using the latest technologogical trends. Our warehouse in Benicia, CA, ships to over 1750 hotels and resorts in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Far East. AV dot com is a leading provider, with a network of service professionals, that offers both depth of coverage and an unparalleled selection of today’s trend-setting audiovisual technology. Our Onsite Coordinators enable us to quickly accomodate last minute requests and changes with ease. We have built a solid reputation for international partners. Terrence Feirer, CEO and Founder of AV dot com, has over 35 years of expertise creating consistent, high-quality on site technology solutions for events in Canada, Europe and Asia.

Dynamic. Dramatic. Exceptional.

AV dot com.

AV dot com’s organizational culture is unique. Our dedicated team of event professionals leads our industry in setting a new standard in customer service. Outstanding and exceptional service to our partners is the reason behind our phenomenal growth over the past eighteen years.


AV dot com’s service standards ensure that our Onsite Coordinators consistently deliver quality service. Each Coordinator’s decisions are based upon our company-wide standards, to ensure alignment amongst product delivery, technical resources, and facility enhancement. Inherent within these standards are guidelines for safety, equipment compatability, protocols for efficiency, and a comprehensive platform of concern for partners and their participants. This is one of our strongest competitive differentiators.4 red dots draft

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Do It!

Our website is designed to give you a sample and an overview of AV dot com’s broad range of products and services, and our ability to provide innovative solutions for complex events. If you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, we are easily able to customize our products and services to meet your unique needs. If you can imagine it, AV dot com can do it. Contact us today for a consultation.

Our Process:

We will provide competitive RFP’s in advance of an event, so total costs can be predicted, based on the event’s agenda. Additionally, we offer side-by-side rate comparison between the in-house audiovisual company and AV dot com.     *Plus Plus is a hotel term for percentages added to all services billed to your event within the hotel.