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Meeting Support Options

Lighting side bar 200 1200AV dot com is a Meeting Planner’s Dream!

A technology provider that is equipped with the current trend-setting AV media options, strategic planning and creative services, and a reputation for excellence. AV dot com takes the “AV hassle” out of meeting planning. Count on a solution from AV dot com.

We are a catalyst for synergy.

We analyze each client’s marketing terrain and construct powerful campaigns to position our event partner as a resource to their event participants.

Solutions are our business.

Technology is our medium.

People helping people is our method.

Complete client satisfaction is our goal.   Contact AV dot com today for a customized answer to your firm’s meeting and event planning needs.

Some Technological Innovations AV dot com has “at the ready…”

  1. Computer, Tablet, and Network Services: Apple Macs, Ipads, Dell PCs, customized networks,specialized software installations
  2. Presentation Management Review & Stacking: Presentation processing to electronically cue speaker presentations. Upload. Review. Revise.
  3. Simultaneous Interpretation: Multiple language support ofers verisimilitude, bridging linguistic barriers.
  4. Wide Screen Panoramic Video Projection up to 4K in High Definition (HD). Graphic Support for animation, live action, and interactive audience participation. Multi-format projection allows for several images and blending. Maximize screen space and focus participant attention simultaneously.
  5. Web Casting: Enlarge audience to include online participation. Deepen the level of engagement of all participants.
  6. Audience Response Clickers: Encourage immediate results-oriented participation with hand-held electronic devices. Fast survey results. Reduce the need for audience small group discussion time. Get all participants moving together in unison with the event speaker.
  7. Stage Design & Lighting: Transform any room into a stage: withbackdrops, branding, themes, and special effects. Lighting enhances the atmosphere of events and showcases a speaker, in addition to providing an essential element for video recording.
  8. Video Capture: Record and reproduce events on multiple media formats and online.

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AV dot com: An AV Firm that is:

  • A “Battle-Ready” AV provider.
  • A Proven Performer.
  • Both a Tech Expert and a Creative Planner.
  • Onsite and On the Event Team to Get the Job Done. Right. The First Time.
  • A Believer in Back-ups. We back-up the back-up!
  • We have inventory on site.

AV dot com: A Symphony of Solutions!   Contact AV dot com for more information.    


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