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AV dot com: Meet the Team

4 red dots draftAcross the globe, AV dot com professionals are delivering a performance for our partners with dramatic and dynamic results. Technology is only one element of that process.

Our dedicated staff of Production Technicians, Onsite Coordinators, and Account Executives will ensure that every detail of your event is accounted for and in place as your presentation begins. The process begins with an initial consultation.

We build upon our client’s ideas and formulate an event plan that will encompass both products and services to suit the event at hand. Our events are remarkable. And, so are our clients. We build relationships, based on excellence in service.

We have the highest standards of production and we offer the right technology for each event, with a back-up in place, to ensure complete success.

Terrence Feirer

Terrence Feirer

It is our intention to provide an unparalleled experience and to nuture our relationship for a lifetime. Our organizational culture is one of respect and reward.

We recognize our staff for outstanding service to our partners. AV dot com team members are engaged in specialized team building experiences, along with extensive on-going training. We have built a loyal and cohesive staff who are dedicated to making each event a resounding success.

Our seasoned executive team has a combined 60+ years in hospitality, event services, graphic arts, and production design.

Meet our Leadership Team: AV dot com President: Terrence Feirer

AV dot com Vice President: Stephanie Newsom

Stephanie Newsom

Stephanie Newsom


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