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  1. Is Pre-Conferance Guidance available? Yes, AV dot com provides consultation services prior to each event. Your On-Site Coordinator is also available during the set-up phase to assist with last minute changes or any issues that may arise.
  1. How do we decide whether to use Independent P.A. Systems vs. House Sound? Our On-Site Coordinator will have answers onwhen to use each system, depending on the room size, number of participants, hotel policy, and other relevant factors.
  1. How many Microphones do we need? Quantity will be determined by the On-Site Coordinator to ensure each participant can easily hear the event proceedings.
  1. How many Projectors do we need? Quantity will be discussed in the initial consultation phase and the factors that will help us determine the correct number of screens will include room size and number of participants.
  1. What Lighting options are available? Stage and Video lighting needs will be addressed in the initial consultation. Our On-Site Coordinators will be integrally involved in the event set-up phase and will interface with technicians to ensure lighting enhances the event.
  1. What is the Optimal Screen Size? Screen size will be determined at the initial consultation, based on room size and number of participants.
  1. What are some Meeting Room Must Haves? At the initial consultation, the Account Executive will assist you with the specifics of your event. The On-Site Coordinator will be available throughout each event to act as a liaison between the venue, its staff, and AV dot com personnel, to ensure that the meeting room accoutrements are adequate to meet the needs of the event.
  1. Are there any PowerPoint Tips? Ask the Account Executive about helpful tips when planning the event. The On-Site Coordinator can also assist to ensure technical support is in place for a seamless flow.
  1. Will we be able to conduct Previews and Rehearsals? Each event is set up to provide sufficient time for a rehearsal, if needed. The On-Site Coordinator will assist in scheduling any preview or rehearsal.
Perplexed? Contact AV dot com. We have answers!

Perplexed? Contact AV dot com. We have answers!

10. Labor and Technical Support: AV dot com provides or coordinates the labor and support teams to ensure that each event is a success.

If there are additional questions, please contact AV dot com for answers! We will ensure your needs are met and your event will run smoothly.

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