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AV dot com has only one criterion of performance: Excellence. Projectionist 372 711It is unmistakable when an event captures the concept of flow: it just works, on every level. Every aspect of a meeting or event is interconnected: lighting, networking, or audio amplification.

We only have one goal in mind: A picture-perfect experience for event participants. We are not satisfied until our client is. We stake our reputation on performance. Interpretations of performance align with AV dot com. Our client feedback follow-up process ensures AV dot com provides a consistant level of performance onsite and through post-event analysis.

What we value is our relationship with client partners.  AV dot com listens closely. AV dot com coordinates every aspect of an event. AV dot com has HOT new technology. AV dot com orchestrates client-focused solutions.

  • On Time.
  • Every Time.


Our design process is comprehensive.

Our Production Design Coordinators work together with our client partners to conceptualize a visionionary concept and develop an action plan for events of any size and at any locale. Our Account Executives and Production Design Coordinators have years of consultancy expertise.

AV dot com will listen to each client carefully, to engage with our partner’s ideas as we plan and draft the optimal approach to fulfill the needs at hand and to visualize solutions for known obstacles. AV dot com will take our client’s vision as the architectural blueprint from which we will create a unique event.

From initial consultation to post-event wrap, AV dot com is the design engineer. We incorporate principles of graphics, stage design, computer technology, and lighting to ensure that each event unfolds as expected. Our planning process also involves storyboards, to help our clients see the visuals of their message.

Our fine tuning collaborative process affords our clients active input role within the process and ensures an integrated approach to final product delivery. With integration of technology, AV dot com provides our client partners full functionality onsite. We craft presentations that will inspire event participants and create opportunities for audience involvement, when requested. AV dot com has a track record as a catalyst for noteworthy events.  Chess 200 514


From concept to completion, AV dot com provides meeting & event planners, conference presenters, and audience participants with integrated AV solutions that result in a memorable event experience. AV dot com’s Creative Services Coordinators will:

  • Provide a portfolio of production collateral,
  • Keep brand guidelines in mind throughout the process,
  • Offer a supportive range of imaginative offerings to showcase a client’s objectives in the most effective manner,
  • Enable clients to meet strategic, marketing and communication goals.

AV dot com’s production team consists of Creative Service Coordinators, Event Producers, Stage Managers, Video Editors, and Graphic Design Coordinators. This team’s mission is to create engaging and meaningful content for our partners. The AV dot com Creative Service Coordinators are strategic planners, whose focus is on solutions-oriented implementation for both the internal and external participants of any event. Our task is to provide Brand Ambassadorship and Marketing Strategies for each event.

  • Our experts will research and explore new channels for the event’s message.
  • We will uphold the brand image. We will provide input on best practices and make strategic recommendations.
  • We will also track, measure, and analyze marketing efforts to ensure the best use of the budget for the project.

Our Creative Service Coordinators are poised to listen to our client’s ideas and vision, while collaboratively partnering to bring corporate goals to fruition, with a high degree of audience engagement. This is the structure that undergirds our creative process. Produced events and strategic development are the core of what AV dot com delivers.


AV dot com’s Team Approach to event planning keeps our client’s primary objectives as the vanguard. We are sensitive to the principality of message continuity. AV dot com designs event productions with this purpose in mind. It is our understanding that exceptional events combine both the key message and the event objective. AV dot com has a full-time staff of Production Coordinators to provide exceptional event implementation. Some of the services we provide our clients include:


raytheon 3 500 800• Pre-Planning Conference Calls

• Site Visits • Create Event Flow Charts

• Organize Media Assets

• Content Construction

• Music Selection

• Scripts

• Budget Management

ON-SITE Solutions:

• Coordinators Manage Tech Team

• Conduct Sound Checks

• Conduct Speaker Rehearsals

• Spokesperson Coaching

• Format Presentations/Review and Stacking

• Call Show Cues

POST-SHOW WRAP and Analysis:

• Participate in Post-Hoc Analysis

• Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

• Deliver Finalized Content, Archival Media and ,Engage in Feedback Review and Analysis

AV dot com’s Production staff includes: Onsite Coordinator, Event Producer,
Stage Manager, Executive Management, Graphics Operation, Technical Event Team, Set Design,
On-Site Production Technicians.4 red dots draft

AV dot com Orchestrates a Symphony of Solutions!

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