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AV dot com is the catalyst for successful collaboration between meeting and event planners and AV technology. We are adept at making connections between internationally recognized AV technology products and business leaders to create exceptional corporate events, trade shows, professional meetings, and social events. Combining artistry and business acumen, AV dot com is a leading provider of AV services in the USA and global markets in Canada, Europe, and the Far East.
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Choose a seasoned and proven AV provider: AV dot com.
Here’s why:
  • Meetings, small or large, have impact.
  • AV is only part of the event planning matrix.
  • We have local resources for labor and equipment support in your region.
  • Our inspired team of professional and technical experts are versitile and inventive.
  • Events staged by AV dot com offer a consistently high level of execution, relative to client goals.
  • Each Onsite Coordinator has over 15 years expertise in the field and will be on your team 24/7, throughout the event.
  • Pre-conference planning and budgeting will be easy with AV dot com vs. an in-house provider
  • Equipment Discounts on all events. No more “Plus-Plus.”
  • Our full-service on-site support actually reduces total audio-visual cost.
  • Post-Conference Analysis Return on Investment (ROI) reports.
  • By placing event audio-visual needs in AV dot com’s hands, you and your staff will be AV trouble-free.
  • We are really nice to work with!

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AV dot com: A Symphony of Solutions!

AV dot com offers On Site Video Editing!

AV dot com offers On Site Video Editing!

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